WDA e-Cert – Successfully Implemented using Agile Methodology

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In less than 7 months, Ecquaria once again successfully and efficiently rolled out another e-government project, the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) e-Cert System using the Agile methodology. The project was awarded to Ecquaria on 19 December 2013.  It interfaces closely with SkillsConnect and WDA’s web portal.

The soft launch was completed on 1 July 2014 and the e-Cert System was officially launched on 3 November 2014. This system replaces the printing of paper certificates issued by WDA with PDF e-certificates carrying a digital signature. With the e-Cert System, the 1.3 million trainees (adult students) in Singapore can now come to SkillsConnect to view and download their own e-certificates. The number of e-certificates generated per year is approximately 720,000. The e-Cert System utilises Ecquaria’s years of expertise in implementing similar large storage solutions that ensure high performance even in a high data volume environment.

The benefits of the e-Cert System are:

460 Approved Training Organisations (ATOs)

  • Eliminate the need to contract a central paper certificate printer.
  • Enjoy significant cost savings. Not only are there great savings since the printing of paper certificates is now not required, the system also eliminates the manpower costs required to coordinate the delivery of paper certificates to trainees.
  • Provide convenient access to e-certificates via computing and mobile devices for record verification or printing for their trainees.

1.3 millions TRAINEES

  • Receive Workforce Skills Qualifications Statement of Attainment (WSQ SOA), Qualification and Transcript certificates earlier. The new system now enables a trainee to receive his/her certificates within 2 days as compared to 3 months previously.
  • Provide convenient access to e-certificates via computing and mobile devices for record verification or printing. Instead of lugging physical documents, job seekers can now expect to readily share electronic certificates with potential employers at job fairs or interviews via mobile devices. This prevalent mobile approach in sharing personal information can in turn create a wealth of other possibilities, which include integration with HR companies and professional social networks such as LinkedIn.
  • Trainees will now no longer need to be concerned about safekeeping their hard copy certificates.


  • Simplify the verification of the WSQ SOAs and Qualifications attained by potential hires or staff whom they had sent for Workforce Skills Qualifications WSQ training. The employers can now verify the authenticity of the e-certificates of potential employees conveniently online at e-cert.wda.gov.sg. This system reduces the previous long and tedious process required by a potential employer to verify the authenticity of the certificates sent by the job seekers.

With this second successful project completed for WDA, Ecquaria looks forward to future collaboration with WDA in enhancing their services or workflow system.

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