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Every two years, the United Nations (UN) conducts the E-Government Development Survey to measure the development extent of E-Government (E-Gov) for each of its member nations. The UN E-Gov survey analyses the willingness and capacity of the nation’s administration to utilise information and communication technology to deliver public services. Findings from the survey result in the assignment of an E-Government Development Index (EGDI) to each member state, which is used to obtain the country’s World E-Government Development Ranking (formerly the E-Government Readiness).

The EGDI is a composite of three broad measurements, namely:

  • Online Services Index (formerly Web Measure Index)
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Index
  • Human Capital Index

Due to the ever-shifting nature of socio-economies and technology, the metrics of these indexes evolve at each survey to better reflect a nation’s E-Gov development in line with emerging technology, social trends, as well as international development goals. For example, recent surveys have seen the widening of metrics to include influences from the prevalence of mobile usage and social media technologies.

UN E-Gov Ranking

E-Gov is not an end in itself but rather a means to an end. A country’s E-Gov scope and quality, which ultimately affects its global United Nations (UN) E-Gov Ranking, are thus intertwined with government policies, adequate planning, clear processes, strategic implementation and careful mass communication. These complexities are not new to Ecquaria, having been at the forefront of E-Gov landscape for the past 15 years, and being a key contributor to the rapid E-Gov development and success in Singapore.

With our broad domain knowledge and extensive exposure to relevant technology, best processes, and implementation experience in various countries, Ecquaria’s consultants are well-equipped to help nations who wish to improve their E-Gov ranking. Ecquaria consultants will work with you to analyse, plan and formulate sustainable E-Government roadmaps that not only target improvement in your country’s UN E-Gov Ranking, but more importantly help your government achieve its national development goals.

For more information about the UN E-Gov Ranking and how Ecquaria can help you improve your E-Gov ranking, please contact us at:

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