System Implementation

Delivering user-friendly, relevant and complete applications to address your specific needs

The need for software to automate and accelerate processes exists in every successful organization. People at all levels within the organization use it, even need it, and customers expect it from service providers. The more often an application is used, the more discerning and critical people are of its ease of use, relevance and completeness. Off-the-shelf software is no longer good enough; adequately focused customization is now more necessary than ever.

With the increasing ease of use of technologies prevalent in our culture today, it takes a special breed of developers to design and create applications that appeal to employees within an organization and their customers at the same time. It also takes a special breed of business analysts to fully comprehend an organization’s needs from several perspectives, such as those of senior management, middle management, staff and different customer archetypes.

In building an application, the Ecquaria Professional Services Team first seeks to fully understand an organization’s requirements as well as those of their customers, both by tapping on the experience of industry experts and by asking the right questions to the end-users of the system. We then architect a solution using a selected combination of appropriate services and software, customizing them to add features and to improve the end-user’s experience.

Our proven methodologies, well-managed processes and the eagerness to delight customers result in the timely delivery of a packaged and managed solution that is altogether intuitive to use, highly relevant and most importantly, complete.
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