Support and Maintenance

Keeping your systems running

With the increasing number of factors affecting the health of any specific system, it is almost certain that no system is 100% reliable. Unscheduled system down-time is inevitable; organizations can only take measures to prevent problems and react to incidents. Good technical support and regular maintenance of hardware and software is essential in ensuring that your system continues to operate as it should.

Ecquaria caters to your technical support requirements by providing the appropriate solution for your organization needs, based on the size and complexity of the system, its performance and availability criteria and the support hours that you need. We strongly believe in having a comprehensive understanding of the system, its dependencies and reliance, components and interfaces, in order to configure the best possible support strategy for you.

Prevention is always better than cure, and we leverage on our extensive experience in maintaining systems on several platforms to take proactive measures to prevent incidents as much as possible. If we are required to react to an incident, the local presence of our support staff, regardless of the country in which the system is hosted, ensures that we react quickly and understand the problem from a first-hand perspective. It is this local presence coupled with the holistic understanding of the system that enable us to provide quality support and maintenance services to all organizations that we work with.

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