What is Ecquaria SOP™

Your Engine for E-Government

From simple form-based e-services to complex, high volume, real-time systems, Ecquaria Service Oriented Platform (Ecquaria SOPTM ) is your trusted product to jump start secure, scalable and quality government e-services. The new version SOPTM offers ready-built software modules targeted to deliver immediate, visible value to government and its end users. With these modules, your government system could already be 50% done even before you started.

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Built with Experience

The SOPTM is the latest offering in the evolution of Ecquaria’s software after more than 15 years experience specialising in e-government in Singapore and around the world. Ecquaria SOP™ has been used in various verticals including citizen fronting e-services, business registration and licensing, law and judiciary, education and preventive healthcare.

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Built for E-Government Processes

Use ready-built modules and features for your government agency and end users, or customise your own. Create form-based e-services complete with a processing backend, in minutes. Design your own e-service processes. Define routing rules. Manage tasks and users. Manage agency performance. Automate jobs. Create reports. SOPTM has low and high level building blocks for all kinds of e-government processes.

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Built on Open Source and Standards

Ecquaria SOPTM is based on industry standard Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) architecture. As you use it, find familiarity in open source libraries like Spring, Apache Axis2, and others. Find compliance in international standards defined by W3C, such as HTML and CSS. Find standard Web Services to smoothen integration with external systems and services.

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Built for Scalability

The first version of Ecquaria SOPTM was implemented in the Public Service Infrastructure (PSi) project for the whole of Singapore Government. That was the largest Java deployment site in 2000. Now, with SOPTM , get your chance to build a stable system scalable for concurrency in the thousands. SOPTM is compliant to run in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, as well as private clouds using VMware and similar technologies.

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Built for Security

Ensure that your e-services are secure with built-in security measures including user authentication, password encryption, and role-based access control. SOPTM provides an authentication framework so that national authentication mechanisms (e.g. SingPass in Singapore) and individual agency / enterprise authentication mechanisms (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP) can be plugged into your system seamlessly.

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Built for Freedom of Choice

Feel free to deploy your SOPTM – powered system on a variant of operating systems, web servers, Java application servers, and databases. Go for traditional infrastructure with x86-, SPARC-, or Power-based servers, or ride on the cloud and virtualised environment.

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