Singapore’s First Government Crowdsourcing Portal Deployed on Government PaaS

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All government agencies can effortlessly engage citizens and solicit ideas using eCitizens Ideas!, Singapore’s first government crowdsourcing portal. The portal, owned by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) of Singapore, redefines citizen engagement by incorporating citizens ideas and partnering citizens to tackle the nation’s challenges.

eCitizen Ideas! is deployed on the Government Platform as a Service (PaaS), also known as Nectar. Nectar was recently launched by Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) as the platform to host government digital services. With Nectar, government agencies are empowered to quickly develop, deploy and scale applications.

Building Meaning Relationships via Ideas Crowdsourcing

eCitizen Ideas! is a centralised platform for whole-of-government crowdsourcing activities. it enables all Singapore government agencies to tap on the collective wisdom of their citizens (i.e. crowdsourcing) for a cost-effective way to generate and develop good ideas.

Via the portal, each government agency can independently organise and manage crowdsourcing activities such as app development competitions, hackathons and campaigns. Public can access eCitizen Ideas! to submit, comment and vote on the best ideas, as well as share them on their social networks.

Beyond giving citizens a voice, eCitizen Ideas! encourages direct participation by citizens. Communities are empowered to drive the process of development that shapes their lives. Ideas contributed by the citizens might be selected to be pilot projects, building citizen ownership and belonging.

Rapid Service Delivery using Nectar

eCitizen Ideas! is one of the first applications deployed on Nectar, an on-premise PaaS built for the whole of government in Singapore. Nectar supports containerised application delivery based on Docker to provide a clean yet robust way of delivering application packages to the platform. The Docker container packages contain everything the eCitizen Ideas! application requires to run.

In addition, with Nectar supporting continuous delivery, there is no longer any need to do manual deployment. Together with the DevOps methodology incorporated by Ecquaria, bug-fixes and new features of eCitizen Ideas! can be developed and deployed rapidly.

Dynamically Scalable Services with Microservices Approach

Microservices approach is used as one of the fundamental design patterns for eCitizen Ideas!. Unlike the monolithic approach of developing applications, the microservices approach breaks down the application into a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services.

Being independent services, they have lower impact on each other, providing greater resilience and flexibility. With the microservices approach, eCitizen Ideas! is also dynamically scalable. Microservices that are in high-demand can be scaled up independently without scaling up the entire application, saving time and resources.

Alongside the flexible workflow processes that Ecquaria E-Government Platform provides, eCitizen Ideas! empowers the whole government to flexibly engage the citizens, encourage citizen participation and incorporate their ideas into initiatives and policies.

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