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The Housing Development Board (HDB) awarded Ecquaria the maintenance of This win is an acknowledgement of Ecquaria’s strength in Java and a testimony of the strong client relationship Ecquaria has.

The is an online bidding portal by the Industrial Properties Group (IPG) of HDB. It allows the real-time bidding and allocation of HDB industrial and commercial properties. The portal enables business to bid for vacant units and monitor the bidding results anytime and anywhere, making business setup easy. also enables HDB to post available units and manage the entire allocation process of the properties. is a bespoke application that is customised to HDB workflows and requirements. To be able to provide complete support to the users, the Ecquaria team is required to have strong understanding of the system. As emcompasses a complex technology bidding and allocation process, the team has to be highly competent in Java to understand the system within a short time frame, ensuring a smooth transition.

Other than strong technical capabilities, the win is also built on the ongoing good working relationship with HDB IPG and proven transition methodologies. Earlier in 2015, Ecquaria has been engaged by HDB IPG to revamp the HDB HBiz Portal. The ongoing success of the revamp contributes to the trust the client has in the capabilities and methodologies of Ecquaria.

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