Media and Entertainment

Singapore offers proximity and excellent connectivity to regional markets – markets that have a tremendous appetite for the entertainment industry. As a cosmopolitan, urbanized Asian city-state, it offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultural influences. The government has also put in place policies to attract and retain talent from all over the world, creating a melting pot of creative talents for companies to tap into.

A platform between technology and the media

Singapore has an ideal combination of excellent telecommunications infrastructure and sophisticated IT network. There is increasing convergence between technology and content creation – be it television, film, online, mobile and music, which is causing the relationships between these sectors to become more intricate and interesting.

Ecquaria Technologies is quick to ascertain the dynamics of the role of the entertainment realm. The consumers today are spoilt for choices and look forward to quick accessibility to the infinite array of contents. A more streamlined operating online platform will allow consumers to select their preferences suited to their needs.

To put in a nutshell, the key is to collaborate flexibly and mould the IT infrastructure around what the consumer wants.

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