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The garden city of Singapore is renowned for its world class healthcare industry. While top notch healthcare professionals and state-of-the-art medical facilities ensure that quality medical care is readily available, Singapore also adopts a preventive approach in safeguarding the good health of its citizens. Preventive healthcare campaigns are actively carried out by the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB), a statutory board of Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

HPB was set up in 2001 to realise Singapore’s vision of building a nation of healthy people, by leading national health education, promotion and disease prevention efforts. Since its establishment, HPB’s focused efforts to cultivate healthy lifestyles amongst Singaporeans have yielded great benefits in the form of active, healthy citizens. This is especially so for the younger generation, where the mantra “Prevention is Better than Cure” has never been more true. HPB’s Youth Health Division and its respective departments, such as the School Health Service (SHS) are responsible in promoting good health and reducing illness among the school-going population in Singapore, through comprehensive school and clinic-based programmes. Besides school health and dental services, health screening services remain a key driver in ensuring that teething problems, illnesses and abnormalities amongst Singapore children are detected at an early age, so as to provide the necessary treatment and cure by relevant medical specialists.

First launched on its maiden voyage in 2011, the HPB School-Based Health & Immunisation Programme (SHIP) is a nationwide healthcare IT solution to capture, track and update health-screening and immunisation data of all school children in Singapore. Building on its past successful partnership with HPB, Ecquaria Technologies once again embarked on yet another exciting and meaningful cause, leveraging on its long-running expertise as a leading e-government solutions provider. Since SHIP’s inception, it has proved indispensable to the 30 mobile health teams, comprising doctors, nurses and clerical officers deployed by HPB on a weekly basis to conduct health screening and immunisation services for the 500,000 school-going children in Singapore across 400 schools, 1,200 kindergartens and childcare centres. Besides being able to accurately capture, store and track medical health records in real-time, such as ophthalmoscopy (eyesight) and audiogram (hearing) results, weight and height body chart measurements, as well as immunisation records. SHIP also features a seamless appointment scheduling function for cases which require further referrals to HPB and external clinics.

Built on Ecquaria’s award-winning flagship Service Oriented Platform™ (SOP), SHIP empowers HPB’s healthcare professionals with accurate, real-time access to up-to-date health records on the field, facilitating performance of duties with impeccable accuracy. As information updates are made on-the-fly, this instantaneous and all-encompassing approach of updating existing health records eradicates data discrepancies which may result from using a non-real-time system, saving time and manpower needed to cross check and rectify incorrect information. Indeed, SHIP casts a beacon of light on the important role that accurate information play in mission-critical processes at any point of time in a healthcare IT system, such as immunisation data. Working behind the scenes, SHIP represents a seamless and efficient means for healthcare administrators and clinicians to share information, in turn allowing healthcare professionals on the field to accurately diagnose, track and monitor disease conditions among the students in real-time.

Today, SHIP manages healthcare data on a staggering scale – 500,000 health screening and 300,000 immunisation electronic records across 400 schools over the country, including primary, secondary, religious and special schools. Adding to the colossal figures are 80,000 vision-screening records from children in 1,200 preschools. Evidently, the sheer volume of crucial data requires efficient information management and effective governance which SHIP handles with ease.

The success of HPB SHIP was lauded by Ecquaria Technologies’ CEO, Dr. Foong Wai Keong, “In the sea of opportunities, Ecquaria Technologies’ successful implementation of SHIP further builds upon its strong partnership with the Singapore Health Promotion Board, sharpening its keen edge in delivering high-performance, deployable solutions. By combining best-of-breed technology and industry expertise, SHIP cements HPB as a progressive organisation in promoting good health and ultimately cultivating a nation of healthy citizens. HPB’s SHIP is set to anchor itself on exciting local shores, delivering a comprehensive, effective solution and playing a vital role in safeguarding the health of Singapore’s young future generations.”

Prior Expertise

In addition to SHIP, HPB has previously partnered Ecquaria to implement the Student Health Assessment Programme and Integrated Dental Electronic Assessment System (SHAPE & IDEAS), which is a scalable and extensible computerized patient management system to collate and provide statistical reports for monitoring and tracking performance of screening programmes for students’ medical and dental health. Delve deeper into Asia’s largest and only integrated real-time patient management system that is SHAPE & IDEAS.

In bolstering HPB’s efforts to combat breast and cervical cancer amongst Singaporean women, the Integrated Breast Cancer Screening and Cervical Cancer Screening System (BSS & CSS) was commissioned by HPB to better facilitate the early detection of breast and cervical cancer. Leveraging on Ecquaria’s built-in best practices, web-enabled, self service functionalities, and improved business infrastructure, HPB achieved better and faster service. Information from screening processes is also made all the more consistent, accurate, timely and widely accessible. Indeed, HPB’s BSS & CSS is yet another solution which highlights Ecquaria’s expertise in the healthcare domain.

Ecquaria Service Oriented Platform™ (SOP) – Your E-Government Engine

Ecquaria SOP is Ecquaria’s flagship product. Built on industry standard Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) architecture, Ecquaria SOP represents a solid foundation framework that is based on widely-used open source software and common standards. Ecquaria SOP has proven its scalability and security in successful implementations of complex and high quality projects for global governments. Specifically designed from the ground for government processes, Ecquaria SOP boasts features like the ability for automated/manual approval, and the ability to create shareable process archetypes for frequently accessed services etc. Supporting these features is a Process Engine that enables software engineers to visually map the government processes accurately. Designed with scalability in mind, Ecquaria SOP is compliant to run in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, as well as private clouds using VMware and similar virtualisation technologies.

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