Experience Sharing with Students in the SgIS Fair 2017

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25th February 2017 was the annual Singapore Industry Scholarship (SgIS) fair. This is the third year that Ecquaria is participating in this prestigious scholarship programme. SgIS scholarship is a collaboration between the Singapore government and the various market leaders to identify and nurture a strong core of Singapore talent.

During the fair, students and parents found out more about the development pathways in place for SgIS scholars through engaging sharing sessions. This year, the Ecquaria-sponsored scholars were on hand to engage the students and share their experience.

SgIS Scholars from Ecquaria engaging students who attended the fair.

The fair facilitates a 2-way communication between the organisations and the students. Through the engagement with the students, Ecquaria now has a better understanding of the interests and concerns of the future generation. This has equipped us with the required information to craft out more strategic programmes to develop the full potential of next generation leaders. For the students, it was an excellent chance to understand the various industries, companies and opportunities better, before making their career choice.

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