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ONE@ECDA, the first full-fledged system of the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), has been launched. Envisioned to enhance the quality of Singapore’s early childhood programmes, the new online system supports the recognition and deepening of professional skills of all early childhood educators. ONE@ECDA enables educators, education centres, course providers and training agencies to facilitate the educator’s professional development and portfolio.

Quality of early childhood education programmes will be enhanced through encouraging continuous professional development in the educators. ONE@ECDA also provides ECDA with a systematic approach to manage the growing number of early childhood education centres and educators.


Built to accommodate the growing number of educators

During the Singapore Budget 2015, it was highlighted that Singapore is moving towards strengthening the early childhood education and increasing its accessibility. A spike in the number of early childhood education centres and educators is expected. As such, having a system to accommodate the growing numbers is critical.

With the “one educator, one profile” concept, all early childhood educators in Singapore will have access to ONE@ECDA and the benefits the online system brings. This account will follow the individual educator throughout his early childhood career even as the educator moves between centres. Duplicates, administrative work and unnecessary waiting time will be reduced. With that, resources will be better utilised.


Encourage professional development through simple and well thought-out system

ONE@ECDA is part of the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Masterplan that aims to raise the quality and professional experience of early childhood professionals. With the competency pathways, educators can easily manage their career progression.

The competency pathways will reflect the individual’s current competencies and the skills required for the next career stage via ONE@ECDA. Relevant courses are reflected next to the competencies. Educators can apply for courses by clicking on the link through ONE@ECDA. Educators are able to choose their preferred class timings and venues, through the one-stop portal, at their convenience. Through ONE@ECDA, professional development is encouraged via easy access, application, class transfer and withdrawal of CPD courses.


Improving efficiency through streamlined business processes

ONE@ECDA is modelled after the lifecycle of the educator’s career. The one-stop portal incorporates the workflow processes of all users – ECDA, course providers, training agencies, education centres and educators. Integrating the various organisations into a single platform is complex, with each having its own workflow and approval process. Beneath the streamlined flow that is aligned with educator’s career lies an intelligent system design and a close working relationship between the users and Ecquaria.

Having a corporate account is one strategy used to streamline the processes. Each of the 1,700 education centres can manage educators employed under their centre via the centre administrators’ corporate account. Centre administrators can nominate educators for courses and manage applications submitted by the educators. Adding on, this approval process is configurable to accommodate the different workflow processes of the various organisations.

Also, ONE@ECDA is complete with report generation and easy document filing process to streamline the business processes. The document filing process comes with a tagging function that enables centres to easily search and manage the educators’ documents. While a clear overview of the centre’s performance can be obtained through report generation. Reports of the centre’s CPD and staff information are exported in Microsoft Excel format. From there, development strategies can be formulated after the analysis of the exported data.


Prior Experience

Other than the dedication of the Ecquaria team which worked closely with ECDA, Ecquaria’s past experiences also contributed to the success of the system. Specialising in government solutions, Ecquaria’s E-Government Platform (EGP) is built to streamline application processes. The implementation of the WDA e-Cert System using Agile Methodology also helped with the development of ONE@ECDA which allows training agencies to issue e-certificates to educators that have completed their training.

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