Fast and Fuss-Free Tenancy Services for Industrialists

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Industrial tenants of the Housing Development Board (HDB) of Singapore now enjoy fast and fuss-free tenancy services with the commissioning of the revamped HDB Hub for Business (HBiz) Portal. Last year, HDB Industrial property Group (IPG) engaged Ecquaria to give HDB HBiz Portal a face-lift and provide better level of service to their tenants.

HDB HBiz Portal is HDB’s industrialists Community Portal. It was first set up to give HDB industrialists a virtual space to showcase their products & services and to widen their network and customer base. Beyond an information portal, the revamped HDB HBiz Portal currently provides an array of services for tenants to manage their tenancy online.

The revamped Portal enables HDB IPG to maintain good working relationships with the current tenants. The revamp is set out with 3 objectives: improve customer relationships through engagement, streamline backend processes and, generate performance reporting and analytics.

Improving Tenancy Experience

The industrial tenants (tenants) now enjoy a simplified application and payment process using the user-friendly portal. Tenants are able to easily locate the correct information and services with the restructured information. Now, payment and other tenancy-related services can be completed using the user-friendly portal.

With the Portal providing 24-hour tenancy services online, tenants can manage their tenancy anytime, anywhere. The entire lifecycle of their tenancy, from application to termination, can be managed with the portal that provides real-time status updates.

Time and resources are saved by reducing support phone calls and queuing time. With the rolling out of tenancy services online, precious time is spent on actual business instead of settling administrative duties.

Business Process Transformation

The revamp paves the way for a transformation in the industrial property tenancy process. The benefits extends beyond the public users to the IPG officers and the agency itself. HDB IPG’s service standards and efficiency have increased with the launch of the revamp. To assist HDB in ensuring service standards, the system tracks the incoming applications at each level of approval. An alert will be sent if an application is taking longer than expected. Through the revamped portal, officers can also visualise their work orders and plan their tasks, improving productivity and efficiency.

The Ecquaria Advantage

The sweet success was not without sweat and tears. The team was applauded for their dedication and foresight. “Each member of the team went beyond the call of duty to deliver the system to the customer’s satisfaction”, commended CEO Dr Foong Wai Keong. The good work in this project has laid the foundation for the strong working relationship with HDB IPG. What was then an unfamiliar environment is now a place of trust, boosting the agency’s confidence in Ecquaria and aiding the win of the maintanence earlier this year.

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