In this new era, we have to establish high standards of educational needs equipped with unified computing and centralized management system. We understand high-quality education is critical to our future success,however we must enforce simplicity in the management of our online education system.

Hence Ecquaria Technologies has identified multiple areas of deploying IT infrastructures to scale and optimize a heterogeneous modernized learning environment. One of the key factors to consider is to ensure that the young generation have access to the best educational opportunities. In addition, we must provide future support in effective teaching and learning practices, and to be more focused on every individual student needs.

Singapore’s education sector has rapidly developed over the last few years. The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is the newest addition to the university landscape that was opened in May 2012.

To serve this continuous expansion, we must anchor on state-of-art software innovations to serve Singapore’s societal needs.

Information and communications technology (ICT) is clearly an enabler to raise competence and to free up time for the professionals to focus on their primary tasks.

Institutional effectiveness

  • Deliver robust professional development.
  • Enable personalized, role-based access.
  • Expand access to education.
  • Streamline administrative tasks.
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