Empowering Family Justice Courts with FAMS2

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4th March 2016 – Family Justice Courts (FJC) has officially engaged Ecquaria as their technology partner for Family Application Management System 2 (FAMS2).

Following a victorious 2015 in the judicial sector with the official launch of award-winning Integrated Criminal Case Filing and Management (ICMS), Ecquaria celebrates another critical milestone in the judicial sector with the win of FAMS2. This win affirms Ecquaria’s status as a leader in the provision of e-judiciary solutions.

Officially opened on the 1st October 2014, FJC is a body of courts which comprise the Family Division of the High Court, the Family Courts and the Youth Courts. The Family Justice Courts hear the full suite of family-related cases including all divorce and related matters, family violence cases, adoption and guardianship cases, Youth Court cases, applications for deputyship under the Mental Capacity Act, and probate and succession matters.

“The erosion of the family unit has made our role as family adjudicators more important than ever, and it calls for an approach that is holistic, multi-disciplinary and collaborative”, highlighted Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon. The stress that each family member goes through is indescribable and it is essential for the family justice landscape to be properly equipped.


End-to-End Case Management

FAMS2 will enable all whose work falls within the ambit of family justice to work hand in hand. The system will replace the old case recording system and will be designed based on the entire lifecycle of each case starting from the filing of applications by the applicants or Family Service Centres (FSCs), to the scheduling of hearings and follow-up actions of court orders.

The management of the case lifecycle includes court hearings. The entire case-file will be presented during court hearings and the real-time synchronisation will enable the prosecution, the defense, court officers and judges to quickly and easily draw the court’s attention to specific document. With the concise and accurately collated information panels, the holistic picture of the case will be presented by drawing all relevant information together.

Being sensitive to the different needs and circumstances of each case, FAMS2 will enable dynamic court orders. The E-Minute sheets allow the judges to effectively record proceedings as they unfold and select a court order whenever required. Cases that require special attention will be flagged out and documents can be sealed with restricted access to ensure confidentiality.

The support does not end after the hearings. Looking at the entire case lifecycle, the end-to-end social service system supports the tracking of post-order actions such as referrals to community care services. As these cases involve family members whose relationships often have to continue beyond the life of the case, it is important to ensure that other forms of support is readily available. FAMS2 will encourage empathetic proceedings that provide better support for families to resolve their disputes through a robust and integrated network of assistance and support.


Scalable, Uninterrupted Court Processes

As Singapore is seeing an unfortunate increase of divorce and family violence cases, the number of Maintenance Order (MO) and Personal Protection Order (PPO) will consequentially increase. This makes the scalability of the system a critical aspect of FAMS2. As such, Ecquaria proposed a solution that will enable the automatic scaling of the system. Not only will there be less downtime, eradicating the need to manually configure the hardware provides higher security and confidentiality.

Other than the automatic scaling, FAMS2 will also ensure the uninterrupted running of courts. The domain sharding feature will ensure that each user role runs independently. Should there be an instance when a particular user role requires maintenance, the other user roles will not be affected – providing uninterrupted court processes.

Through integrating with the other systems, FAMS2 will provide seamless data exchange that cuts down the painful process for the applicants. Across the next year, the public can expect more than a mere IT system.

With Ecquaria, the filing of family related applications will be transformed with a human touch.

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