A suite of complete e-government for e-services efficiency.


The Ecquaria E-Government Platform

  • Is a technology that puts your citizens and government first for a purposeful e-government
  • Is ready with the Citizen Centre and Government Centre, comprising modules that you can use out-of-the-box and save from rebuilding
  • Is complete with tried and proven e-service creation tools to match your high standards of excellence

Anyone can have an idea for e-government, but the one that works always has proven technology based on solid vision for both government and citizens. Ecquaria E-Government Platform is driven by four vision elements for e-government excellence.


Citizen Centricity

  • Put public users at the centre of government-to-consumer (G2C) and government-to-business (G2B) interactions
  • Enhance relations between public customers and government agencies


Enhanced Service Delivery

  • Deliver e-services in a convenient, intuitive, speedy, and secure manner
  • Utilize various electronic channels
  • Make e-services easily accessible to end users


Improved Governance

  • Encourage proper governance with establishment of strict standards
  • Heighten trust and confidence in government


Return on Investment

  • Expect return on investment in social and economic aspects of community and government
  • Shorten period of returns by lowering total cost of ownership
  • Make e-services easily accessible to end users

The Ecquaria E-Government Platform

offers a complete package of ready-to-use modules. Together, these modules form a sound foundation for an integrated e-government.


Government Portal & E-Services

The E-Government Platform provides a government portal that serves as a single window to government information and online services (e-services). This is where citizens or public users may browse the directory for government agencies or to engage in e-services such as passport application, licence application, business registration, etc.


Citizen Centre

The Citizen Centre represent the main driving force in delivering modern conveniences to citizen users in the way they use e-services. The E-Service Tracker, Message Hub and Document Vault offer persistent means of record keeping all interaction and transactions between public users and government agencies, which are often lacking in traditional paper systems. More importantly, these features provide the citizens with assurance that enquiries or transactions are being handled by actual government officers and not neglected.


Government Centre

The Government Centre enhances efficiency of e-service backend processing and improve systems management, resulting in improved service delivery to public users. Government Centre modules include:


Back-Office Admin Tool

Generic back-office administration and processing tool for agencies. A low-risk, low-cost investment that provides among many other features, processing tools, user assignment, payment details, official document issuance, SLA, etc.


E-Service Registry

Complete module for the agency user to manage the agency’s e-services. Supports necessary e-service updates due to policy changes.


Performance Monitoring & Reports

Complete module to enhance government efforts to uphold integrity and accountability. Lends credibility to the government in the eyes of public users.


Common Modules

An e-government implementation that is well-planned should reduce redundancy, while saving on effort and cost. Common Modules not only alleviate redundancies, they serve as trusted sources of data and service providers to other e-services. The National Authentication provide a means of user identification for the public user to access any government e-service, while the People and Business Data Services may be used by authorized e-services to obtain official data of citizens, residents and businesses.


Administration Modules

The E-Government Platform is designed to empower government system administrators with hassle-free tools in performing administrative functions. Ecquaria understands that security and confidentiality are paramount in e-government systems. That is why we have built in features such as to User/Group Management and Access Control modules for administrators to easily manage the multitude of requirements from different groups of system users, and quickly set up access rights to various aspects of e-government systems. The Audit Trail module maps out clear visibility of workflows and checkpoints, greatly enhancing transparency of work processes.


Rapid E-Services Development Modules

One of the defining features of the Ecquaria E-Government Platform is the ability to jumpstart e-service generation with easy-to-use development tools. This is partly due to its unique integrated form-based e-service development capability. The main development tool, the Service Development Suite allows workflows to be mapped out rapidly with the necessary business logic, while the Form Designer allows easy creation of customised forms. The development layer is powered by Java Enterprise Edition which promises stability, security, and efficiency. The Ecquaria E-Government Platform is also a technology agnostic product suitable for deployment in various platforms.

On the whole, the development modules greatly accelerate e-services creation using best practices of governments worldwide.


E-Government with a Return on Investment

A successful e-government initiative must benefit the society and economy within foreseeable time. For this to happen, we understand how crucial it is to garner quick wins with rapid and mass deployment of e-services, and to make these e-services as widely accessible as possible. That is why the E-Government Platform is also a quick and multi-channel deployment platform, available on most contemporary devices. Moreover, with a single platform, the government shall on the whole, lower their total cost of ownership.

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