What is Ecquaria Cloud?

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Ecquaria Cloud is an e-government subscription plan that transforms counter services to e-services in a short time at a low investment. It is designed to enable governments to manage its Government-to-Citizen (G2C) and Government-to-Business (G2B) needs efficiently.

Ecquaria Cloud presents the government a full suite of G2C and G2B e-services, powered by Ecquaria E-Government Platform and cloud infrastructure. Ecquaria takes care of managed services and training so that governments can focus on its core.

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The Benefits of Ecquaria Cloud

Your E-Government is Cost-Effective

Launch hundreds and thousands of e-services at fixed startup investment and predictable monthly subscriptions.

Your E-Government is Quick-to-Launch

Launch e-services in as fast as 3 months or less, made possible with ready-to-use, configurable e-services.

Your E-Government is Hassle-Free

Free yourself from the hassle of hardware procurement, infrastructure setup and maintenance.

Your E-Government is Low Risk

All our features are fully developed and tested. See it yourself before getting on board.

What you get?

1. Ecquaria E-Government Platform

The E-Government Platform is a suite of e-government modules supporting G2C and G2B services. Ecquaria Cloud subscription includes full access to E-Government Platform offerings, including:


  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy self-configurable
  • Multi-Agency

Citizen Centre

  • E-Government Portal
  • Message Hub
  • Application Status Tracking
  • Document Vault
  • Content Management

Government Centre

  • Inbox and Tasks
  • Back-Office Processing
  • E-Service Registry
  • Service Level Tracking


  • Public Account Registration
  • One Password for All E-Services
  • Public Account Management


  • Integration to Payment Gateways
  • Multi Payment Modes
  • Payment Management


  • Batch and Ad-Hoc
  • Performance Analysis
  • Payment Reports

Mobile Application

  • Mobile Citizen Centre
  • iOS and Android Support

2. Cloud Hosting

Ecquaria Cloud is a 100% cloud based solution. Your instance of E-Government Platform is deployed on cloud infrastructure.

3. Managed Services

Ecquaria assumes an ongoing responsibility for providing technical support services. This includes system maintenance, monitoring, backup and many more.

4. Training

Ecquaria provides training to make sure users are fully equipped with the skills to manage content and backend processing.

The E-Government Platform is a full suite of software with ready-to-use G2C and G2B e-services. Ecquaria Cloud is a subscription model that lets the government enjoy benefits of E-Government Platform as an all-in cloud-hosted service.

  • Contact us
  • Our specialist team gathers e-service details from you and configures them online.
  • Select the design for your e-services portal.
  • Our training team trains your government users to use the E-Government Platform.
  • Your e-government and e-services are good to go.

Your government’s subscription to Ecquaria Cloud includes support services from Ecquaria, that your agency users can contact via e-mail or phone.

Pricing comprises a one-time setup fee, a fixed monthly subscription fee, and transaction fee. Contact us for further details.

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