E-Government Consulting

Helping you discover the most efficient path to implementation

Forward-looking enterprises and governments are constantly finding ways to apply the latest technology to their services. The transition, be it from paper to paperless, or a refresh from older to newer systems, is often not straightforward. Many employees, and sometimes clients, may be affected by the technology shift. The key is to avoid organizational shock through proper implementation planning and securing of buy-ins from the relevant stakeholders.

At Ecquaria, our team of consultants has enabled government agencies and large organizations to take the least resistant and most efficient path towards technological change. We do this by leveraging on best practices in the industry, our proven methodologies, our domain knowledge and the extensive experience we have gained through implementing successful enterprise solutions around the world.

Our consultants will work closely with you to understand the current state of your business environment, such as your available e-services, infrastructure, processes, goals and needs. We then help to identify opportunities to enhance service effectiveness and prioritize your organization’s needs to formulate a strategic blueprint and implementation road map towards technological implementation.

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